ITS is often visited by scientists from other countries. They give lectures that are useful to our students. Another big advantage is that they share their scientific experience with us, tell students about studying at foreign universities and encourage further cooperation.

One of such lecturers for us was Andreas J. Kassler, Professor of Computer Science at Karlstad University in Karlstad, Sweden. The topic of his lecture was on “Towards programmable deterministic networks”. Kassler was an associate professor at the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is the head of the Distributed Systems and Communications Group (DISCO) and supports an active research program in the field of networks and cloud computing with a major research focus on wireless (connected) networks. Networks defined by software, future Internet, data center networks and quality of service.

The professor told us about the main challenges and results in selected aspects of SDN and programmable data planes, where we also apply Operations Research and AI research methods to make networks more reliable, energy efficient and optimize their performance.