Urivsky Leonid Alexandrovich

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

E-mail: leonid_uic@ukr.net





Doctor of Technical Sciences (2009)
Professor (2011)
1983 – “The best young inventor of Ukraine”, “Inventor of the USSR”,
2017 – Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine; Honored Inventor of KPI. Igor Sikorsky;
2018 – Election as an academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine;
2019 – Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. V.M. Glushkova

Scientific directions

noise immunity properties of redundant codes in discrete communication channels,
information properties of communication channels in mobile communication systems


Teaches disciplines: “Fundamentals of telecommunications theory”, “Telecommunication processing of international financial systems”, “Research on the topic of master’s dissertation”, “Organization of research”, “Linguistic competence of dissertation research methods”, “Methods for assessing the effectiveness of telecommunications systems”, “Potential noise immunity of broadband signals”, “Applied aspects of system analysis in telecommunications and radio engineering”, “Innovative directions of development of telecommunications and radio engineering”